We know that many other patriot organizations are out there, doing good work, and prospering. We are not here to compete with them nor draw you towards us, from them.  We ask that you please read this brief primer on our tenets; it's the bedrock of who we are and immovably what you may expect in and from this patriot formation.


     The Patriots Coterie Alliance is filled with members whose passion is truly matchless. Moreover, these same members have talents and skill sets that span the full gamut of legacy, vintage, and current areas and skills that are of the greatest interest to our citizenry in times such as these. 


     These talents and skills include prepping of food, storage, canning, drying, cooking with alternate fuels, and gardening including hydroponics.  Homesteading skills such as animal selection and husbandry, dressing and caring for home-harvested meat, soap making, laundry methods, DIY home waste and sewer management, understanding the benefits of your own water well and how to manage it, and dual and triple fuel electrical generation. We have tax and accounting professionals who can greatly help you sense how to deeply cut monthly expenses in favor of what is essential.  We have both civilian and former military who are expertly skilled at home defense and the tools needed to remain well-armed and at good peace in your home and on your land.  


  We intend and want you to be part of becoming responsibly and peacefully, but effectively involved in your local community.  We do not stand for takeover nor revolution; but we are committed to bringing awareness, offering proactive involvement methods to influence community and political positions, decisions that are grossly outside of our beloved Constitution, and the recovery and sustainment of our precious Republic. We are involved daily at every level from local city or township, to address school and business policies, through county and parish decisions, all the way to national interests by way of attending meetings, events, rallies, and peaceful assemblies in protest. 


  Lastly, we have organized our Alliance by echelon/levels that replicate the proven leadership assignments, staff officer skills, and rank structure of our US Armed Forces in order for you to see a coherent, rational, and highly functional formation of American patriots.  Well-placed in our Alliance are exceptionally high ranking and recently retired US Armed Forces officers, warrant officers and senior noncommissioned officers. Please, give a careful read and then do not hesitate to reach out for any further explanations of clarifications. 




Redefining the Way 
We Communicate

"The Patriot Coterie Alliance, “The Spartans”, forms by State and Nation, an assembly of skilled and trained American Patriots, who by unfailing allegiance to this Republic and its Constitution, shall defend by any and all means necessary, the American way of life that is under The Lord, at peace, selfless in service to fellow man, survivable against all enemies, and sustainable for the generations of our children."

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This Alliance is comprised of American civilians from diverse life experiences who take in among our ranks former US military veterans who desire to give back the skill sets, processes, and procedures acquired over decades of exemplary military service at the very highest ranks and levels of military command. Joining us, you will immediately be accepted as an equal, a Spartan first and foremost. You may bring nothing more than patriotic passion, knowing only but to stand; but standing with you shall we ever be together.


You may expect dignity, respect, recognition, patience, kindness, consideration, and training in the broadest array of essential skills available in such a formation. The training pace is self-paced and well-guided; the areas include everything from patterns of life, family protection, and homestead skills, through helping you consider needed weapons and developing self-defense abilities if you so choose, right up to and including using those weapons and abilities, in the preservation of peace for you and your family.

We are organized in military-like echelons with clear lanes of responsibility by seasoned, highly credentialed, and talented civilian and former US military leaders who embrace the tenets of team, cooperation, and kinfolk-like faithfulness to our members.


Lastly, please know that our great Nation and precious freedoms were delivered not by a mighty standing Army - but by patriot countrymen, committed to safeguarding God-given and inalienable rights, by no other means than providence, heart, and faith in Him for a cause most noble; we are so forming. Please, join us. Bring but you, yours, and your unyielding love and zeal for our United States of America.

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