Lets Grow

There is strength in numbers

We are growing each day and we are Nationwide! You can join for prepping help/advice, stay up to date with news that is the truth, conspiracy talk, events to attend if interested, etc.

Which Platforms?

-We are active in discord daily. Reach out to admins to be given the link to our server.

-We are active on Facebook as well under The Patriots Coterie Alliance.

-We are also active on Telegram. Get in touch with admin to receive more information on this as well.

We have meetings monthly. We have meetings randomly through the week as well, just to talk about news, get to know each other, laugh, etc. Most of our meetings were being held on discord, but we are now trying to move them onto our The Patriots Coterie Alliance Facebook page, for those unable to join discord and/or telegram. Any new suggestions or ideas are welcome!

Please bring your family and/or friends!

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